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cryogenic grinding machine


brand:shanghai jingxin

specifications :jxfstprp-i

introduction:cryogenic grinder jxfstprp-ithis machine is also known as frozen multi-sample tissue grinder, frozen tissue grinder, frozen tissue homogenizer, frozen quick homogenization pulp system.

cryogenic grinding machine jxfstprp-i (patented product, counterfeiting must be punished! 2016214095849) this machine is also known as frozen multi-sample tissue grinder, frozen tissue grinder, frozen tissue homogenizer, frozen rapid homogenization system.

by connecting to the innovative product of shanghai jingxin technology®, the air refrigeration instrument, low-temperature operation can be realized, and it has the functions of dry grinding and wet grinding at the same time. it meets the application of heat-sensitive materials and biological fields, and is suitable for plant, animal, bacterial and yeast samples. designed by din method, low noise, easy to use, stable performance, the grinding process of samples is always at low temperature, so it can be satisfied with heat-sensitive materials and biological applications, and can be used for soft textiles, pcb boards, paper, soil, etc. and medium-hard samples are subjected to regular crushing.

the rapid tissue cryogenic crushing homogenizer can grind samples:

1. plant tissue: roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, etc.

2. animal tissue: brain, heart, lung, stomach, liver, thymus, kidney, intestine, lymph node, muscle, bone, etc.

3. fungal bacteria: yeast, e. coli, etc.

4. food and medicine: all kinds of food, tablets, etc.

5. volatile samples: coal, oil shale, wax products, etc.

6. plastics, polymers: pe, ps, textiles, resins, etc.

grinding comparison:

product parameters:

the main parameters

parameter range


tissue homogenization, grinding, cell disruption, homogenization, material dispersion, preparation, sample mixing, shaking

processing system:

it has five major systems, sample grinding system, low temperature conveying system, low temperature control system, circuit control system, and heat preservation system

temperature setting:

automatically set the temperature, you can perform grinding and homogenization operations in a low temperature environment, and protect the activity of the sample to a greater extent

principle of crushing:

low temperature freezing force, mechanical impact force, physical friction force

low temperature range:

0 ℃ to room temperature, the whole process of low-temperature control of the grinding chamber.

sample processing:

processing capacity within 15 seconds can process 32 samples at the same time, including 12-position and 24-position liquid nitrogen refrigeration adapters

compatible sample volume:

32*(0.2-0.5ml) /32*2ml /8*(5-15)ml /4*25ml /2*50ml, various specifications of grinding tubes can be customized

touch screen display:

lcd screen display can be convenient and intuitive operation, and can be upgraded to touch screen display operation.

anti-vibration principle:

the german schleifen-1 working mode, the anti-vibration principle, the vertical up and down integrated movement mode, and the grinding bead movement mode ensure the idealization of sample processing and instant crushing effect.

cooling method:


display method:

lcd screen

control method

microcomputer chip

hit rate:


feed size

no requirement, adjust according to adapter

discharge size


the number of grinding platforms (the number of grinding tanks that can be accepted)


fastening device with automatic center positioning


homogenization speed:

0—70 hz/sec, working time: 0 second to 9999 minutes, users can set by themselves;

diameter of grinding ball:


grinding ball material:

alloy steel, chromium steel, zirconia, tungsten carbide, quartz sand;


achieve greater speed in 2 seconds


achieve greater speed in 2 seconds

noise level


grinding method

wet grinding, dry grinding and low temperature grinding are all available


has the ability to upgrade to ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen refrigeration or air refrigerator refrigeration

adapter material:

ptfe or alloy steel

full protection:

fastening device with automatic center positioning, safety lock when working, full protection

grinding kit material:

hard steel, ptfe (teflon) zirconia




23 kg

basic configuration:

ø one tissuelyser® host

one host of air refrigeration instrument

ø one set of 2ml adapter, one set of 2ml refrigeration adapter, one set of 2ml refrigeration fluid adapter (optional)


ø 1000 5mm grinding beads. 1000 5mm ceramic grinding beads

ø one set of special bead gun (optional)




* the supporting jingxin kit can be used to extract dna/rna proteins in samples quickly, efficiently, stably and in batches

* 1hz=30 rev/sec 1hz=100rpm

* conventional adapters can be placed in the refrigerator to provide a cold environment for the samples while working. it can be equipped with an adapter with refrigeration, which can be immersed in liquid nitrogen for more than 30 minutes.

* the noise emission value for the working environment depends on the type of sample and the setting of the grinder. the parameters in the table are in no-load state

* a small amount of samples usually used for dna and rna separation can be prepared in disposable centrifuge tubes. adapters made of polytetrafluoroethylene materials can be used to accommodate 5 or 10 disposable sample tubes for cell disruption. in multi-sample tissue the cell tissue in the grinder is quickly and effectively broken in a very short time, so there is no need for additional low-temperature refrigeratio
experimental case:

1. test method for grinding corn seeds with tissuelyser® plant tissue grinder

2. test method for grinding citrus peel tissue with tissuelyser® plant tissue grinder


optional accessories:

shanghai jingxin® is equipped with complete dna, rna and protein extraction kits for various samples of animals, plants, microorganisms, etc., which can extract target components quickly, efficiently, stably and in batches.

extract objects

jingxin supporting kit

animal tissue







plant tissue














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