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quechers pre-processing all-in-one machine


brand:shanghai jingxin

specifications :16 50ml or 16 15ml adapters

introduction:16 50ml or 16 15ml adapters

product description:

features of quechers pre-processing all-in-one machine:

jx-qe16 automatic quechers pre-processing integrated machine (patented product, counterfeiting must be punished! 201620363493x) is also called quechers integrated homogenizer, quechers sample crusher, quechers extraction and purification machine. the homogenization, homogenization, shaking and mixing of samples can be realized by one device. it frees testers from heavy repetitive work and greatly reduces the time for sample pre-processing.

jx-qe16 uses the kinetic energy of the rapid motion of homogenous protons to disrupt, lyse, and homogenize tissue cells. it is tailor-made for the quechers method and can process 16 samples at the same time. the clamp is suitable for 50ml centrifuge tube and 15ml centrifuge tube, in line with aoac 2007.01 method. en15662.2008 method and ny/t1380-2007 method.

product advantages:

1. break and homogenize the wall directly in the centrifuge tube, without using a homogenizer wall breaking machine for homogenization (a small amount of hard and tough samples still need to be cut first)

2. no equipment cleaning is required, reducing processing steps, saving time, and improving work efficiency

3. avoid cross-use of equipment to prevent cross-contamination

4. high throughput, fully automatic, and excellent repeatability

quechers (sounds the same as "catchers") is the acronym for quick, easy, cheap, effective, rugged, safe, and is the acronym for the description of its characteristics the abbreviation (changed to "quechers (sound as "catchers") is the first letter describing its characteristics quick (fast), easy (simple), cheap (economic), effective (efficient), rugged (reliable), safe (safe) abbreviation of"). developed by m anastassisdes et al. (2003) of the united states department of agriculture, after verification and improvement in many aspects, the quechers method was formally proposed. the quechers pesticide residue pretreatment method is an upgraded version of spe. it has a purification effect similar to spe, but the treatment steps are more concise, time-saving, efficient, and economical, and it is gradually accepted by the majority of analysts.


typical application one, quechers method of rapid sample pretreatment for pesticide residue inspection:

1. jx-qe16 automatic quechers pre-processing all-in-one machine homogenizes 10g of samples and adds 10ml of acetonitrile;

2. jx-qe16 automatic quechers pre-processing all-in-one machine oscillates for 1 min, add 1g of sodium chloride and 4g of magnesium sulfate;

3. the jx-qe16 automatic quechers pre-processing integrated machine oscillates for 1 min and centrifuges at 5000 rpm for 10 min to aliquot 1 ml of the acetonitrile layer and add 250 mg of magnesium sulfate 150 mg psa powder;

4. the jx-qe16 automatic quechers pre-processing integrated machine oscillates for 1 min, and the supernatant is centrifuged and analyzed by gcms.


typical application 2: lc/ms method for extracting otc drugs in water and sludge cake:

1), sample preparation

put 3.76ml water, 20ul cetirizine, diphenhydramine and diclofenac, and 140μl acetaminophen into a 50ml centrifuge tube. for the sludge sample experiment, weigh the 2.5k freeze-dried sludge and add the same amount of water and medicine as mentioned above. add 10ml acetonitrile and add it to the en extraction tube. after jx-qe16 works with a 50ml adapter for 1 minute, it is centrifuged at 4000rpm for 5 minutes.

dispersive solid phase extraction: take the supernatant (about 7 ml) and place it in a d-spe dispersive solid phase extraction package. use the 15ml adapter for jx-qe16 to work for 1 minute, and then centrifuge at 4000 rpm for 5 minutes. then the extracted supernatant was transferred to a clean 15ml centrifuge tube and evaporated to dryness with nitrogen. use 1.875 ml of 50:50 acetonitrile and water to make a sample solution.

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