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fully automatic homogenizer


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introduction:the automatic homogenizer is specially designed for food safety and biomedical fields. it is a high-throughput homogenizer that can achieve multi-tasking. it completely replaces the manual homogenization process,......

product description:

the fully automatic homogenizer is specially designed for food safety and biomedical fields. it is a high-throughput homogenizer that can achieve multiple tasks. it completely replaces the manual homogenization process, and the maximum processing capacity is 32 samples at a time, which greatly improves the efficiency of sample pretreatment. for laboratories that process multiple samples every day, it has the advantages of high processing throughput, low residue, fast homogenization speed and high safety.

with the development of food safety and biomedicine fields, homogenizers are used more and more widely, including pretreatment fields such as agricultural and livestock products, meat, eggs, milk, and pesticide or veterinary drug residue detection in feed.

application areas:

medicine: such as chinese medicine raw materials, chinese patent medicines, etc.

food: such as meat, fish and shrimp, vegetables and fruits, etc.

ecological environment: biological samples, plant samples, etc.

life sciences: such as animal, plant tissue, etc.

working principle:

the fully automatic homogenizer uses electronic speed control to manipulate high-speed motors to drive the internal and external crushing knives to rotate up and down to homogenize, emulsify, and crush various samples. when a sample tube is processed, move the knife head to the cleaning position, choose different cleaning methods (ultrasonic pure water cleaning and organic solvent cleaning) according to different samples, drain, reset the knife head, and then rotate the sample pan to perform the next sample processing, repeat this process until the end of the last sample


product advantages and features:

1. fully automatic operation mode

one-button start, from homogenization treatment to cleaning of the cutter head is completed automatically, which eliminates the difference of human operation and shows that the efficiency of sample processing is improved.

2. intelligent operating system

the 7-inch full-color touch screen can set parameters such as homogenization speed, homogenization time, and blade insertion depth according to method requirements. the screen displays the running status in real time, and can customize settings, save, and call multiple programs.

3. cleaning method

an independent ultrasonic pure water cleaning tank and an organic solvent cleaning tank are set up, and different cleaning tanks can be selected according to the type of substrate to avoid cross-contamination between samples.

4. anti-drip tray

the unique anti-drip tray setting prevents cross-contamination between samples caused by liquid dripping after the knife head is lifted.

5. humanized design

the front transparent door and built-in led light are convenient for experiment operators to observe the whole process of sample processing.

6. safety and environmental protection

the fully enclosed design effectively reduces noise, and the active exhaust system can exhaust volatile organic reagents to the outdoors through ventilation ducts, purify the laboratory environment, and reduce the physical impact of the experimental operators.

product technical indicators:

main parameters

parameter range

degree of automation:


number of sample pans:

10/16/32 turntable

homogenizing speed:


test tube volume:

10ml-100ml optional

low noise:

using high-speed silent motor, the noise is less than 60 decibels



system configuration:

1 automatic homogenizer host, 1 high-speed probe rotary blade cutter head

operating platform:

wireless control/7 inch touch screen

accessories display:

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