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grinding bead homogenizer


brand:shanghai jingxin

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product description:

minijxfstprp-16 grinding bead homogenizer (patented product, counterfeiting must be punished! 201620363493x), also known as bead grinding tissue grinder, is a cost-effective tissue grinder. the rmb price is only 20,000 to 30,000 yuan. it has a special effect on broken yeast and other fine tissues.

working principle of grinding bead homogenizer:

put the sample and the grinding beads into the grinding tube (centrifuge tube) and install it on the minijxfstprp-16 device. the device is pulled by the bearing to drive the sample to vibrate at a high speed. the grinding beads in the grinding tube collide and rub against each other to make the sample in the tube it is impacted, sheared and broken to achieve the effect of homogenization and grinding. the unique horizontal placement design of the grinding tube of the grinding bead homogenizer makes the movement of the grinding bead more fully and reduces the generation of foam.

high-speed vibration speed makes minijxfstprp-16 easy to handle a variety of samples, including hard yeast, spores, etc. the use of crushing buffer and homogenized samples can better maintain the biological component activity of the sample and improve the extraction efficiency of the sample. for example, when extracting nucleic acid, adding reagents such as phenol or gu-scn solution can extract a large amount of nucleic acid while fully crushing the sample. .

minijxfstprp-16 homogenizer processes each sample independently, eliminating cross-contamination between samples, and the processed samples can be better used for page, pcr, antibody or oligonucleotide probe diagnosis experiments.


features and advantages of inijxfstprp-16 grinding bead homogenizer

the sample is broken by the high-speed beating method of the grinding beads, which has a wide range of applications and can be applied to animal and plant cells, tissues, bacteria, fungi, spores, etc.; efficient crushing can be achieved within time.

1. capacity: the bead mill tissue grinder can process 16 samples with a volume of 1ml to 1.5ml at the same time; with the optional adapter, it can process 8 sample tubes of 7ml

2. no foaming, no need for alcohol, more friendly to enzymes, proteins, nucleic acids and organelles

3. oscillation speed: 3450rpm

4. oscillation time: 0-300s adjustable

5. control method: digital control

6. lower noise than mini-bead-beater-8 and more durable

7. optional consumables: grinding 50ml/bottle, with diameters of 0.1mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm, three types of grinding beads: glass, steel and ceramic; high-strength centrifuge tube (2ml, 200 pcs/pack)

configuration list:

 glass broken beads for tissue grinder

small bead mill minijxfstprp-16 supporting consumables

broken glass beads

11079101 0.1mm,50ml

11079105 0.5mm,50ml

11079110 1.0mm,50ml

11079125 2.5mm,50ml

11079635 6.4mm,50ml

silicon carbide broken beads

11079101z 0.1mm,50ml

11079105z 0.5mm,50ml

11079110z 1.0mm,50ml

11079125z 2.5mm,50ml

zirconia broken beads

11079107zx 0.1mm,454g

11079110zx 1.0mm,454g

11079124zx 2.0mm,454g

 stainless steel broken beads

11079114ss 1.4mm,50ml

11079123ss 2.3mm,50ml

11079132ss 3.2mm,50ml

11079635ss 6.35mm,50ml

chrome steel broken beads

11079113c 1.3mm,50ml

11079123c 2.3mm,50ml

11079132c 3.2mm,50ml

11079635c 6.35mm,50ml

tungsten carbide broken beads

11079111wc 1.1mm,50ml

emery pointed beads

11079101sc 0.1mm,50ml

11079110sc 1.0mm,50ml

11079140sc 4.0mm,50ml

small centrifuge tube

10831 vials, 2ml (sterile100/rack) small centrifuge tube, 100 pcs per pack

10832 vials, 2ml (500 pack) small centrifuge tubes, each pack of 500

522s vials,2ml w.cap/sterile,500pk

2007 1.5ml stainless steel centrifuge tube, 100 pcs per pack

2008 centrifuge tube screw cap, used for stainless steel centrifuge tube, 100 pcs per pack

3205 7ml small test tube with screw cap, 1000 pcs per pack

list of standard accessories for grinding bead homogenizer

cat. no. 607eur, mbb-16, 220-240 volt a/c, 50 hz, with safety cover, a 2ml centrifuge tube clamp and instructions

cat. no. 607tc16, 1.5 or 2.0ml tube clamp

optional: cat. no. 607tc8, a tube rack for 8 7ml centrifuge tubes

optional: cat. no. 3205, 7 ml polypropylene centrifuge tube with screw cap, used with 607tc8

technical parameters of grinding bead homogenizer:


the efficiency is almost horizontally shaken from the top to the bottom so that the crushing reaches a higher efficiency.

capacity: 4-16*(0.5-2)ml/8*7ml

vibration speed:3450rmp

the timer for 0-5 minutes can be reset automatically.

high energy, 1/2hp, 7.4 amps.

10 d x16w x 12 h, 12.2kg。

removable centrifuge tube clamp.

oscillation time: 0-300s adjustable

control method: digital control

size: 100*160*120mm

weight: 12.2kg

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