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high temperature type cnc super constant temperature bath

model:sc series


specifications :set


●safety protection device:

1. with power-off protection function

2. with upper and lower limit temperature alarm setting function

3. low water level protection and alarm function

4. temperature runaway protection and alarm function

5. the heating device has low water level anti-dry burning and explosion-proof functions

●optional function guide

1. an extended external pt100 temperature sensor is optional, which can detect and control the temperature of the external system in the external circulation in real time.

2. optional built-in 1~30 temperature control program, automatic program temperature control, real-time display of set temperature-time program operation status.

3. optional rs232 or rs485 communication interface, easy to connect to the upper computer, with modbusrtu communication protocol.

4. optional design and installation of a magnetic stirring system, which can directly stir the liquid sample placed in the beaker in the constant temperature tank working chamber, without the need for an external vertical stirrer, reducing tedious operations.

5. the cooling coil built into the tank is optional to quickly cool down and control the exothermic reaction of the system.

6. optional height-adjustable immersion loading platform can easily adjust the height of the immersed sample liquid level.

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