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automatic homogenizer


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introduction:he automatic homogenizer is specially designed for food safety and biomedical fields. it is an instrument that can realize large-capacity sample processing.for laboratories that process multiple samples per day,

the fully automatic homogenizer is specially designed for food safety and biomedical fields, and is an instrument that can realize large-capacity sample processing. for laboratories that process multiple samples per day, it has the advantages of high throughput, low residue, fast homogenization and high safety.

application areas:

☆suitable for flexible, medium-hard, elastic, moisture-containing, greasy, and fibrous samples

☆vegetables and fruits, samples with high moisture content

☆fish, shrimp, meat, high-fat samples ☆high-fiber samples, such as feed

☆ nuts, pine nuts, beans crushed


1. fully automatic operation mode

one-button start, fully automatic completion from homogenization treatment to cleaning the cutter head, eliminating the difference of manual operation and improving the efficiency of sample processing. support batch crushing, rotational speed incremental crushing, continuous crushing

2. intelligent operating system

7-inch full-color touch screen, parameters such as homogenization speed, homogenization time, and cutter head insertion depth can be set according to the method requirements. the screen displays the running status in real time, and can customize, save, and call multiple programs. up to 20 groups of commonly used method parameters can be stored

3. cleaning method

independent ultrasonic pure water cleaning pool and organic solvent cleaning pool are set up, and different cleaning pools can be selected according to the type of processing matrix to avoid cross-contamination between samples.

4. anti-drip tray

the unique anti-drip tray setting prevents cross-contamination between samples caused by liquid dripping after the cutter head is lifted.

5. humanized design

the front transparent door and built-in led light are convenient for experimental operators to observe the whole process of sample processing. the sample cup automatic detection system can automatically detect the existence of the sample cup and smash it by itself

6. safety and environmental protection

the fully enclosed design can effectively reduce noise, and the active exhaust system can discharge the volatile organic reagents to the outside through ventilation pipes, purify the laboratory environment, and reduce the physical impact on the experimental operators.

7. special cutter head design

316l stainless steel pulverizing blade, suitable for sample pulverization for pesticide and drug residue testing, the whole knife can be aseptically processed, suitable for microbial sample preparation

product parameters:

the main parameters

parameter range

degree of automation:

fully automated

number of samples:


homogenization speed:


test tube volume:

5ml-4000ml optional

low noise:

using high-speed silent motor, the noise is less than 60 decibels

crushing time:


operating platform:

full wireless control/7-inch touch screen

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