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beating aseptic homogenizer



specifications :set

introduction:aseptic homogenizer, also known as flapping homogenizer, is widely used in the homogenization treatment of animal tissues and biological samples, ......

product description:

lc-08 beating type aseptic homogenizer (standard liquid crystal type)

the aseptic homogenizer, also known as the beating homogenizer, is widely used in the homogenization of animal tissues and biological samples. it can be used in the fields of food, medicine, cosmetics, clinical, molecular, toxin and bacteria detection, especially it is suitable for the preparation of microbiological testing samples.

the device adopts a stainless steel system, which can effectively separate the surface of the solid sample and the uniform sample of the contained microorganisms. the sample is packed in a disposable sterile homogenization bag and does not touch the instrument. the characteristics of no damage, no heating, no sterilization, no washing utensils, meet the requirements of fast, accurate results, and good repeatability.

this product is also suitable for homogenization of tumor tissues (such as liver cancer, bowel cancer, gastric cancer, breast cancer), which can obtain a large number of single cells (up to 2*105 in 2 minutes). if necessary, the homogenization time can be extended. tissue cells (such as liver, etc.) achieve soft and broken.


1. large screen full computer lcd display, easy to operate

2. intelligent program control, 3 groups of multi-segment programming, each segment can be set separately for the slap time, slap speed, time and other parameters

3. the box body is made of high-quality stainless steel and anti-corrosion spray plastic

4. the slap spacing is adjustable, which is convenient for processing samples of different processing volumes, and achieves the ideal homogenization effect

5. adjustable homogenization time

6. fixed or variable homogenization speed

7. progressive homogenization, excellent cell protection

8. sterile disposable filter bag to ensure hygiene and safety

9. fully open door, easy to clean

10. there is no contact between the sample and the homogenizer, no system cleaning is required

11. the large transparent tempered glass window is easy to observe

12. detachable adjustable flapping board with automatic stop and anti-pinch function


precautions for the use of flapping aseptic homogenizer:

1) the power plug must be inserted firmly in place. looseness may affect the computer controller and cause a crash. if a crash occurs, please turn off the power switch on the rear side, and restart after 3 minutes.

2) please do not open the homogenizer door arbitrarily when hammering the plate to avoid overflow of the sample liquid. it should be built according to "on/stop", and the equipment will automatically stop running. after closing the door, press "open/stop" again, and the device will automatically complete the remaining work. do not reverse the operation.

3) if the instrument is not used for a long time, the power should be cut off and the plug should be removed. prevent aging of electronic components inside the aseptic homogenizer.

4) the bottom of the homogenizer door is designed to prevent accidental rupture of the homogenizer bag and facilitate cleaning of spills. the bottom is designed to be empty and can be used to place a drip tray. therefore, please do not reach from the bottom with your hands when the instrument is running to avoid scratching your fingers. it is best not to open the homogenizer door when the homogenizer is working, causing unnecessary losses.

5) before the machine is running, please carefully check whether there are foreign objects in the homogenization box to avoid malfunctions and damage to the homogenization bag during work.

6) hard and sharp materials such as lumps, bones, and ice should not be used to avoid damage to the homogeneous bag.

7) the storage of the instrument and the homogenization bag should avoid direct sunlight, especially the homogenization bag should be stored in a place without sunlight or ultraviolet radiation to avoid aging.

8) when the amount is small, when the speed needs to be increased, and when the homogenous fiber is relatively tough, you can use the rear knob to adjust the distance between the flapper and the visible window to achieve a better homogenization effect. pay attention to the adjustment distance to avoid damage to the sterile homogenizer such as air strikes.

technical parameters of flapping aseptic homogenizer:

main parameters

parameter range



control method

microcomputer multi-segment programmable type

display mode

large screen lcd display

timing range

0.1-99min 59s或连续0.1-99min 59s or continuous

slap speed

3~12 times/sec

multi-segment programming

can set any combination of parameters

parameter storage

8 groups of multi-segment programs

temperature control function


temperature control setting range


temperature control range


disinfection function

the built-in disinfection system can pre-disinfect the working cavity; (single disinfection cycle 5min, disinfection wavelength 253.7min)

effective volume


aseptic bag size


slap box

stainless steel anti-corrosion spray

slap spacing

0~50mm adjustable



start mode

soft start

pause function


sterilization function

yes, uv wavelength 253.7nm

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